Who we are?

Our Main Objectives

  • Developing the Economic and social in Southern province
  • Minimizing unemployment in South
  • Improving rural livelihood and food security



  • Create favourable environment for enterprises to achieve sustainable economic and social development in southern province
  • Develop all the industrial sector and southern region by improving small, medium and agricultural industrial production
  • To start new project which helps to improve prevailing industries step by step
  • To introduce effective projects and to give useful advice to both local and foreign investors And to conduct training programs, educational visits, workshop, spread knowledge and background information, preparing the relevant research for business community to increase core effectiveness of them
  • Improve quality of manufactured goods to meet the right market conditions, strengthen and develop market relations
  • Performing the tasks to build social overhead capital
  • To improve educational and culture promotions to build a better foundation for social development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of donor funded projects mainly in southern province

Vision & Mission

Establishing sustainable economic and social development in southern province through creation of an environment utilizing human and physical resources which lie dormant into efficient use by implementing with the participation of entrepreneur network equipped with good management and production practices so as to get maximum productivity of financial resources which are received from various origins for this by creating suitable programs and projects combianatively, planning and operating and providing necessary strengths by identifying within a wide range which provide equal opportunities for all sectors of the economy by solving existing problems and scarcities in order to improve quality, power and value in sectors of agriculture, industry and services in southern province.
A Society of Southern natives nourished with national heritage enjoying excellent products in sustainable economic development.

Hon. Chief Minister

Mr. Shan Vijayalal De Silva

Mr. Shan Vijayalal De Silva

Our Services

Speed Loans

Providing Credit facilities and assistance to small Medium Entrepreneurs.

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Technical Solution Team

Providing services and technical solutions for the region.

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Members Fund

Managing funds of the members of the Provincial Council.

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